For hundreds of years, Cambridge students have yearned to escape the stresses of town and term and immerse themselves in the peace of the surrounding countryside. They have sought solace on (and in) the river. To release themselves from urban crush and academic confinement, they have gone in search of fresh air and exercise, but without taking such healthful pursuits too seriously. The Granta Rats maintain these time-honoured traditions.

To do this, we operate a self-hire booking system in cooperation with Scudamore's Punting Company. We have a number of season tickets. You pay us £20 at the beginning of the year to fund these, and this enables you to book a Scudamore's punt for a whole day through our website (see bookings) as many times as you like for the rest of the academic year, provided the day you choose is not fully booked (currently, members of the society may make two bookings per day October-April, and this number is increased in the Summer Term. The possibility of summer holiday bookings is dependent upon our receiving enough interest). You may turn up to the Scudamore's self-hire hut at any point during that day, tell them you've got a Granta Rats self-hire booking and away you go. Be prepared to:

  • Show them your uni card so they can check your name against our booking system.
  • Give them a deposit (they usually take an imprint of a bank card)
  • Insist that we have a valid deal with Scudamore's which entitles you to one free punt for the rest of the day (occasionally, newer staff can be unaware of our system)

We also arrange a few events throughout the year, such as our annual "garden" party in May Week (we chain some punts together and head out towards Grantchester with refreshments). There should also be at least two opportunities to join us for some casual punt racing this year.

All in all, the Granta Rats follow a convivial, light-hearted, easy-going approach to riverine life. In a sense, we might be regarded as 'the antidote to boat clubs'.

Not convinced? Then listen to Ratty from 'The Wind in the Willows'!

The current Constitution and Alcohol Policy (as of 27th June 2010) can be viewed here:


Alcohol Policy